2020-21 Workshops

2021 - 2022 Workshop

Mary Bajcz

November 9, 2021    12:30 am - 3:30 pm  and
November 10, 2021    9:30 am - 3:30 pm

“Handbags”      Workshop Fee $60 ($75 for non-members)

Kit Fee: $6 


Kit includes: 


  •  Assorted decorator fabrics to share 

  •  Zipper tape 

  •  Fleece scraps for handle and bag bottom stuffing

  •  Leather scraps for zipper pulls


Student Supply List 

  • Sewing Machine: At home, Mary uses an industrial straight stitch for making handbags, so if you have a choice    of machines to bring, pack a heavier duty one. She will be bringing her mechanical Bernina for class. 

  • Basic Sewing Supplies: seam ripper, scissors, rotary cutter, a few pins, extra needles, etc.

  • Cutting mat that will fit into your sewing area for trimming.  Mary will bring larger mats for cutting bag                bodies, lining, and handles and acrylic rulers that can be shared.  If you have some smaller rulers, please          bring  them.

  • Thread:   You’ll want three kinds of thread: Topstitching, Construction, and Invisible/nylon thread. (This is     optional, but Mary uses invisible thread a lot.) You can pre-wind bobbins with all three, and the construction   thread will be used through the needle.

  • Optional: Large buttons for button tabs Beads for zipper pulls

  • Decorator fabric samples. 

  • A sturdy fabric (such as denim) to make the handle (about 7” x 28”).  

  • Sewing machine and usual sewing supplies.

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Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

February 8, 2022    1:00 am - 4:00 pm  

“Feather Embellishments”      Workshop Fee $25 ($30 for non-members)

Kit Fee: $25 plus shipping 


Kit includes: 


  •  Multiple feather samples 

  •  Buckram

  •  Written and photographic directions.

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Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

February 9, 2022    9:30 am - 12:30 pm  

“Chinese Knots”      Workshop Fee $25 ($30 for non-members)

Kit Fee: $25 plus shipping


Kit includes: 


  •  A small cork board for pinning the knots 

  • Various cords 

  •  Written and photographic directions.

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Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

February 9, 2022    1:30 pm - 4:30 pm  

“Corded Quilting”      Workshop Fee $25 ($30 for non-members)

Kit Fee: $25 plus shipping


Kit includes: 


  •  Several fabric samples

  •  Filler samples

  •  Large tapestry needles 

  •  Written and photographic directions.

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Karen Combs via ZOOM!

March 9, 2022    9:30 pm - 4:00 pm  

“Patchwork Illusions”      Workshop Fee $70 

Kit Fee: $18  Pre-order pattern (includes handouts and rotary templates) from Karen’s website. Discount code will be provided for anything in Karen’s store upon registration for this class.  

    Please order patterns, fabrics, or kits by February 22, 2022 to ensure delivery.  Karen will send an email about          a week before class about fabric prep and prepping your template.
    2-3 days before class, Karen will send a ZOOM link reminder for class.


Student Supply list: 


  • Patchwork Illusion pattern. 

  • Fabric 

  • Each cube will be made up of two different color families. Select a light, medium,  and dark value of each color. 

  • Make sure the fabric is not a “busy” fabric - more tone-on-tone. 

  • A fat quarter, or so, is fine for each value. 

  • Each cube could be a different set of color families if you wish. 

  • You can order Karen’s gradated fabric from her website. 

  • Rotary cutter and rotary mat (medium size). 

  • Rotary ruler 6”x12” and 6”x24”. 

  • Small rotary ruler, such as 1”x6” or smaller size. 

  • Pencil or favorite marking tool. 

  • ¼” quilters tape or Omnigrid Glow Tape (we will use a small piece in class).

  • Sewing supplies that you like to use: pins, thread snips, etc. 

  • ½ to 1 yard of flannel or thin cotton batting to use as a design wall. 

  • Can of Magic Sizing or light spray sizing (available in the laundry aisle of the grocery  store) or a small bottle of      Best Press 

  • Optional: Red and Green Value tools (available from Karen’s website) 

  • Optional: Patchwork Illusions KIT – contains pattern, templates, handouts, Value  Viewer, and two (2) different      yards of gradated fabrics. Be sure to list your favorite colors in the customer comments when ordering, and      Karen will make sure to create  your kit with your favorites. 

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Debra Gash 

April 13, 2022   9:30 pm - 3:30 pm  

“Explorations with Suminagashi”      Workshop Fee $40 

Kit Fee: TBD


Kit includes: 


  • Use of a variety of inks and tools. 

  • Kodak Photo flo dispersant. 

  • Silk scarf. 

  •  Use of other supplies (trays, brushes, etc.) for those who have trouble finding materials. 

Student Supply list: 

  • Trays – a small one for cards and a larger one for full sheets of paper and a scarf. The  sides of the trays should       have low sides (2”-3”) and be square or rectangular in shape.  Dollar stores are a good source. The trays                 cannot be used for food after the class. 

  • Brushes. Calligraphy/sumi brushes with pointed tips are best, but any medium/large  round, soft-bristled brush       with a good point will work. You will need at least two (2) – one for black ink and one for color dispersant – but       one additional for each color would  make life easier. 

  • Palette – anything with a few small sections like an ice cube tray, a small round palette  (craft or dollar store),         or even a plastic egg holder. 

  • To print on: 

      - Paper. Any unsized, absorbent paper that stays strong when wet (no copy paper  or tissue paper) because                you have to be able to pick it up from the water tray.  Specific suggestions will be sent later, depending on              availability. 

      - Fabric. Untextured silks work best, but any lightweight pfd fabric will work.  Natural or white colors are best   

        so as not to obscure the print. 

  **To get the cleanest and most permanent prints, papers and fabrics should be  mordanted first. Pre-workshop             instructions will be provided. 

  • Newspapers for table covering and to make cleaning strips. 

  • For small books: 

     - Paper scissors, ruler, pencil. 

     - Three (3) sheets of black or white cardstock. 

     Permanent glue stick. 

     - Needle and binding thread – waxed linen, embroidery floss, etc. 


Updated supply lists will be sent to participants prior to the workshop.

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Lesley Riley

May 10-12, 2022 

“Wet Cyan Printing Plus!”   

Prepare for lots of fun and learning from this unique workshop!
This will be a potentially messy class, so you will need to dress accordingly.

Kit Fee: $20

We will try to purchase as much as possible in bulk to avoid gathering too many unusual supplies (example: plastic dishpans, glass, gloves, etc.).

Kit Includes:

  • Cyanotype solution. 

  • Exposure contact plates.

  • Additives.

  • A selection of specialty papers.

  • Handout.

Student Supply List:

  • Two (2) 1” foam brushes.

  • Ruler or straightedge – 18”.

  • Scissors.

  • Old bath towel.

  • Notebook.

  • Smartphone or tablet for photographing and editing.

  • A variety of papers and fabrics for printing (see below).

  • If you plan to print on fabric, natural fibers are recommended: cotton, linen, silk. Keep in mind the paper sizes listed below. Quiet, pale prints and old sheets are great. The tighter the weave, the crisper the print.

  • We will primarily be printing leaves. Bring some fresh or pressed flat, if possible. Flat objects (lace, sequin waste, washers, etc.) can also be used.

Lesley recommends 140lb hot press paper or a relatively smooth cold press. We will be tearing most pad sheets in half. If you choose to use full sheets of WC paper, 2 or 3 sheets, 22”x30”, will be sufficient.

- Strathmore series 400 – 11”x14” – mixed media pad (15 sheets – get two, if this is all you are selecting).

- Canson XI Watercolor Pad – 9”x12” (30 sheets)

- Fabriano studio – hot press WC pad (50 sheets)

Updated supply lists will be sent to participants prior to the workshop.

Member Workshop Fee will be approximately $200.

A $100 deposit will hold your place in the workshop.

Guild cancellation policies will apply to the deposit.

Balance and due date TBA.

All available spaces for this workshop have been filled, but if you are interested, please let us know and your name will be added to the wait list.