2021 - 2022 Calendar

Whistle Stop

December 14, 2021

Images from Jean Sarna, Judy Loyd, Boisali Biswas, Karen Schaefer and Sharon Waligora

     We are going to be making notecards and envelopes for NTGM's use when corresponding with our members.  We are a very creative group and it will be nice to be sending hand-crafted cards.  


     There are endless possibilities for making cards.  Judy Loyd will bring lots of ideas, supplies (including blank cards and paper to cut) and inspiration.  Start now collecting your own fabric scraps, trims, old workshop samples and bits of weaving, crochet or knitting.  We can use PaintSticks, pens, hand stitching ..... whatever.  The more different and individual, the better.

     Sharon Waligora will show us how to make unique and fun envelopes ... perfect for wrapping and sending your special cards.  Paper of all sorts will be provided for you to select from, along with templates to try.  Just bring your paper scissors and a disappearing glue stick.

     We will break into two half-day groups.  One group will make cards in the AM and envelopes after lunch.  The other group will do just the opposite.  We are hoping each member can make at least three cards with envelopes for NTGM's use.

     Whistle Stop is for members only and there is a $5 fee.


Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

   February 8, 2022      10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Lecture: "Creating Couture Embellishments "

     An accomplished sewist, Ellen loves to sew elegant clothing from the simple to the ornate. She has written several articles for Threads and Notions magazines and taught classes for American Sewing Guild (ASG) and Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP). 


     Ellen’s book, Creating Couture Embellishments is a 400-page, abundantly illustrated, how-to book with 3 sections: basic tools and techniques, fabric manipulation, embellishments, and trimming. Before writing Creating Couture Embellishments, Ellen taught at the School of Fashion Design in Boston for 10 years and worked in professional theatre.


     Join us for a lively presentation of some of her work and learn how this amazing book that took 5 years to write came about. As Ellen says, “It’s wicked cool”!


Ellen Miller book.png

Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

   February 8, 2022      1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Workshop: "Feather Embellishments "

     From goose to peacock, feathers add an exotic touch to any garment. Feathers are commonly used to trim millinery, but they can also be used to adorn a glamorous gown, to trim a neckline, or to emphasize a shoulder. Their myriad uses stem from the wide variety of feathers available. All birds have several different kinds of feathers, each with different characteristics and different purposes: some are downy; others, like the tail and flight feathers, are less pliable. Today many feathers are dyed and shaped, creating even more choices for the designer. Whether modified or in their natural state, feathers add movement, elegance, and sophistication to a garment. During this class we will examine different kinds of feathers and learn how to shape them. We will also create an epaulet or hat accessory.


     The kit for this class will include multiple feather samples, buckram, written and photographic directions.

Feathers Feb 2022.png

For Supply List and additional information, please see the Workshops page.

Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

   February 9, 2022      9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop: "Chinese Knots"

     Chinese knots, sometimes called frogs or frog closures, have been used on Chinese clothing for many centuries. Whether made in rat-tail cord or custom-made cording, they add an oriental flavor to any garment. Pairs of knots can be used to make button-and-loop fastenings, where one knot is made as a button and the other is finished as a loop. During this class you will learn to tie several Chinese Knots. We will also experiment with tying Chinese Knots in different kinds of cords: smooth, fuzzy, thick, and thin.


     The kit for this class will include a small cork board for pinning the knots, various cords, written and photographic directions.

Chinese Knots.png

For Supply List and additional information, please see the Workshops page.

Ellen Miller via ZOOM!

   February 9, 2022      1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Workshop: "Corded Quilting / Marseilles Quilting / Boutis Provençal"


      Corded quilting is an old French quilting technique. Two layers of cloth are sewn together in decorative channels and patterns, which are then threaded with yarn to create a textured, quilted cloth. When completed, the wrong side of a corded quilting piece is almost as beautiful as the right side. During this class we will experiment with different kinds of fabrics, channels, and stuffing to create several Boutis samples.


     The kit for this class will include several fabric samples, filler samples, large tapestry needles, written and photographic directions.

Corded Quilting.png

For Supply List and additional information, please see the Workshops page.

Karen Combs via ZOOM!

   March 8, 2022      10:30 pm - 12:00 pm

Lecture: "You Bought That Where?"


      Karen is an internationally known quilter, teacher, author, and designer who has been nominated 3 times for Quilt Teacher of the Year. She is fascinated with optical illusion and quilts; this is the subject of many of her workshops. In this lecture, she will take you around her little town in the rolling hills of Tennessee, searching for the best quilting supplies found in some unexpected places. It’s amazing what you can find at the local “feed” store!


     As a bonus, Karen will take you into her studio to show you how she uses many of her finds.                                                       



Karen Combs.png

Karen Combs via ZOOM!

   March 9, 2022      9:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Workshop: "Patchwork Illusions"


     Visual depth has fascinated artists for centuries. Karen has developed a quick and easy rotary technique that allows you to make quilts with a 3-D look - utterly amazing quilts of illusion. You will use Karen’s Pattern, which includes handouts and rotary templates, to make this quilt. This is Karen’s favorite class to teach. Join in for a wonderful experience that will start you on the road to creating your own Patchwork Illusions!


Seminar Day

   April 12, 2022      9:30 pm - 3:30 pm




to share your talents with us!



Do you have a small project you could teach your fellow members?



We are hoping to have 3 different projects available from which members can choose,


learning new skills from talented, fellow NTGM members.



Contact Amira if you can help.

Debra Gash

   April 13, 2022      9:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Workshop: "Explorations with Suminagashi"

     Guild member Deb Gash will offer a unique workshop that will challenge and delight you. A marbling technique dating back to the 12th century in Japan, the basic process of suminagashi (“ink floating”) is simple to learn. Expanded techniques can create overprinting and movement.

     Discussion will include troubleshooting problems, using different substrates, and working larger. Come prepared to create lots of samples and learn a variety of ways to utilize these samples, such as small books, 3D paper objects, cards, mixed media collage sheets, and wearables.


Lesley Riley

May 10, 2022

All available spaces for this workshop have been filled, but if you are interested, please let us know and your name will be added to the wait list. 

Lecture: "Wet Cyan Printing and More”

Lesley Riley, internationally known fiber artist, instructor, writer, and Artist success coach will be visiting us for a unique lecture/workshop experience following this tumultuous year that is redefining so many aspects of our lives and our work. With that in mind, she will share with us a new lecture about her Artist Work and ours in what is certain to be an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion of the creative life.

Workshop: "Wet Cyan Printing Plus!"

Join Lesley for a 2-1/2 day workshop exploring her unique wet cyan techniques on fabric and paper as well as a dive into her toolbox for ideas to fill your own.

In Lesley’s words…”Serendipity is my middle name. I would rather create 1000 random, happy accidents that one piece with a perfectly planned and achieved outcome. It is very liberating to make something that is, for the most part, out of your control. It releases the angst that can come with art making and kicks your inner critic’s butt. Plus the absolute simplicity of the nearly fail-safe technique and chemistry almost guarantees that you will make a successful print within a short time. Now, of course there are some methods, means and materials that you need to know about to get the results you lust over. That’s where I come in. We will start with the basics of cyanotype printing and quickly more onto the many variables that make wet-cyanotype printing so magically delicious. Your will learn all my methods, tips, tricks, and best practices regarding:

Paper, fabric, plants, water, water application, workspace set-up, contact printing, alternative materials, solution mixing and application, additives that change chemistry and color, post-print processing, timing and temperature, troubleshooting results, turning blah into beautiful, and….what not to do!”

You will leave this workshop with a library of possibilities and an encyclopedia of techniques

For registration and additional information, please see the Workshops page.