2022 - 2023 Calendar

September 13, 2022

Meena Schaldenbrand

Lecture: “Collaborations and Exchanges”

     Meena Schaldenbrand has been an avid and enthusiastic quilter for 41 years. She loves creating colorful quilts and mosaics that tell stories and reflect her humor and heritage. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her work is part of several permanent collections, including the Michigan State University Museum.

     Collaborations encourage creative thinking, use artistic skills in new ways, and are a great learning experience. Meena says it is so exciting to trade artwork, both in person as well as snail mail. She will share the treasures she has collected from trading Artist Trading Cards, book pages, bookmarks, quilt blocks, round robins, and even quilts.



  Website: https://meenasquilts.wordpress.com/

Blog: https://meenaschaldenbrand.blogspot.com/

October 11, 2022

Amanda Cinco-Hoyt and Michelle McCoskey

Lecture: “Growing Natural Color in the Great Lakes State”

Amanda Cinco-Hoyt, Michelle McCoskey and Lauren Mathieson; co-founders of Great Lakes Fibershed

     Learn about growing natural dyes in your own backyard, including what to grow, why to grow and a few simple ways to begin and process your own environmentally conscious textile dyes. Amanda Cinco-Hoyt and Michelle McCoskey have been growing color together since 2015 through a natural dye collective they co-founded to help connect community and environment by exploring the history, science, and art of natural color making. They will share tips that they have learned along the way and samples of their work.

         More about Amanda and Michelle                                                 Great Lakes Fibershed