2020-21 Calendar

Ana Buzzalino

March 9, 2021

Lecture: "Creativity in Times of Covid”

Ana comes to us via Zoom from Calgary where she is a prolific quilt maker, stitcher and surface designer (anabuzzalino.com) or on Instagram at ana_buzzalino). She will be sharing her tips on how to stay creative and motivated in times of stress

Workshop: "Make Your Quilts Sings with Digital Imagery – Editing Photos in PowerPoint"

In this afternoon demo class, Ana will show us how to use this readily available (you might already have it!) program to edit photos and text, in preparation for printing onto fabric, paper, or transfer paper. Imagine the possibilities for quilts, garments, and other fiber projects.

For Supply List and additional information, please see the Workshops page.

Ana Buzzalino

March 10, 2021

Workshop: "Monoprinting without a Press"

In this 6-hour Zoom class on Wednesday, March 10, you will learn to use waterbased paint on Gelli plates or other surfaces, using techniques such as masking, multiple drop printing, and color mixing. You will play with textures and random materials to create several pieces that can serve as underpinnings or stand alone as separate works. Grab your apron!

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Julie Booth

April 13-14, 2021

Lecture: "Textile Museum Muse Project”

Julie Booth comes to us via Zoom from Virginia. She is a fiber artist (threadbornblog.com) who works in multiple disciplines from dollmaking to hand-stitching to surface design and fabric painting. She is also the author of Fabric Printing at Home. Her work has been featured in the 2400 series of Quilting Arts TV, as well as in several issues of Quilting Arts magazine. She was also an active member of the Printed Fabric Bee.


Along with a select group of DC metro area fiber artists, Julie viewed and responded to both contemporary and ancient textiles in the Textile Museum Collection. Her discussion of the results of the 6-month long project should be a wonderful opportunity to view a varied collection of art works and fiber artists’ responses to them.

Workshop: "Talisman Pouch"

Design a beautiful hand-stitched pouch to hold a special object ( beach stone, crystal or another talisman). Combine layers of fabric cheesecloth, silk sari ribbon, yarns and tulle with hand stitching to create a rich, tactile art object. Add a shell embellishment and a bead closure for finishing touches. Use your own fabrics and embellishment or Julie has kits available in select colors which will include everything (except thread). These will be $20 plus shipping. Instructions for ordering will be forward upon sign-up for the class.

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Laura Murray

May 11-12, 2021

Lecture: "Creating the Wow!!”

Laura Murray is well-known to many as the Paintstik Queen (lauramurraydesigns.com). She is a prolific quilt and garment maker who personalizes her work with Paintstiks and other surface design techniques. She will be Zooming in from Minneapolis to present a combination slide show of her wonderfully embellished garments and a demonstration of some of her techniques. A lively question/answer opportunity will follow.

Workshop: "Repurposing Your Fabric with Paintstiks"

This interactive class will have you working along with Laura as she demonstrates and teaches even more techniques to show you how to make that fabric that “isn’t quite right” into exactly what you need. There will be lots of hands-on opportunities as well as a slide show of numerous different application ideas. Don’t have Paintstiks - or need more? Laura will be offering a generous 20% discount to guild members who want to stock up. Details to follow!

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Nadine Cloutier

June 15-16, 2021


Workshop: "Natural Dyeing without Chemicals"

Build a journal of dye recipes with corresponding fabric samples of each dye and modifier used in the workshop. This will act as a guide and reference for your future projects.


Learn about local plants, trees, nuts, bark, and spices that offer substantive dye colors, chemical free mordants that modify and provide rich colors, and plants to grow and harvest for your own dye supply. Nadine will go through steps on how to extract and make the dyes from vegetables, fruit, teas and local flowers.


A booklet of dye recipes will be in each kit so the finished fabric samples of each dye, mordant and modifier used can be attached for future reference.

For Supply List and additional information, please see the Workshops page.

2021-22 Calendar

Lesley Riley

May 2022

Lesley's lecture and workshop are TENTATIVE

Lecture: "Wet Cyan Printing and More”

Lesley Riley, internationally known fiber artist, instructor, writer, and Artist success coach will be visiting us for a unique lecture/workshop experience following this tumultuous year that is redefining so many aspects of our lives and our work. With that in mind, she will share with us a new lecture about her Artist Work and ours in what is certain to be an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion of the creative life.

Workshop: "Wet Cyan Printing Plus!"

Join Lesley for a 2-1/2 day workshop exploring her unique wet cyan techniques on fabric and paper as well as a dive into her toolbox for ideas to fill your own.

In Lesley’s words…”Serendipity is my middle name. I would rather create 1000 random, happy accidents that one piece with a perfectly planned and achieved outcome. It is very liberating to make something that is, for the most part, out of your control. It releases the angst that can come with art making and kicks your inner critic’s butt. Plus the absolute simplicity of the nearly fail-safe technique and chemistry almost guarantees that you will make a successful print within a short time. Now, of course there are some methods, means and materials that you need to know about to get the results you lust over. That’s where I come in. We will start with the basics of cyanotype printing and quickly more onto the many variables that make wet-cyanotype printing so magically delicious. Your will learn all my methods, tips, tricks, and best practices regarding:

Paper, fabric, plants, water, water application, workspace set-up, contact printing, alternative materials, solution mixing and application, additives that change chemistry and color, post-print processing, timing and temperature, troubleshooting results, turning blah into beautiful, and….what not to do!”

You will leave this workshop with a library of possibilities and an encyclopedia of techniques

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